sabato 8 marzo 2014

Blogging for dummies

So you've finally landed here. As a blogger and writer, even if neither of us knows how or why that happened, my aim is to keep you her. Yes, that's what my teacher told me.

Let me explain: I'm a student from the London School of Journalism and I have recently had my first lecture with Chris Wheal, an award-winning freelance journalist, editor, trainer and consultant. Above all, a man who knows what it takes to be successful with online journalism and blogging
So if you want some tips, stay here, as I'm going to tell you some of the mysterious tricks. 

First, think about keywords. You should know that search engines like Google send across the web spiders, programs that index wesites, blogs and everything on the net, depending on keywords and links to other sites. 
To me they sound like the fearsome machine-monsters that appeared in the Matrix movies, but Mr Wheal said they can be our friend and very useful when you look for something on the web. Now you know why your blog is in the 89th page of Google search. 

Put the right keywords in headlines, first paragraphs of your posts and in your tags and you'll see something happen.
Then try to be concise, objective and sharp as you can. Use hyperlinks, write names and details and put them in a visible position. Don't think your reader is as patient as to read through the whole post if the first paragraph is boring.

As my deskmate said, the headline and the first paragraph are like a bait for fish. If you don't grab their attention straight away you lose them.
This way nobody will ever read that magnificient piece of sheer poetry that lies at the (alas!) end of your post. No, neither your mum. She'll actually be the first to give up.

That said, remember to watch out your grammar and use plain English. Your sentences, as well as your paragraphs, should be short and ideally their rate should be 1:1.
When you feel like the moment to list things has come,
  • use
  • bullet
  • points
  • and
  1. numbered 
  2. list,
  3. but don't make them
  4. too long!

No widows and no orphans (lonely words wandering alone along otherwise deserted lines).
These are just some tips to make your blog more appealing and visible. There are more, of course, but if I told you I'd disobey another important rule: keep it short.
Stay tuned then, if you want to know more!

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